Dr. Ettore Perrella

Doctor and Psychoanalyst in Padua, Italy

He was born on June 1952 in Gallipoli, Italy. In 1974, he did his thesis on aesthetics in Giordano Bruno in the Faculty of Philosophy and Literature at the University of Padua. He began a period of didactic psychoanalysis in Italy following the Lacan’s theory frame. From 1979 to 1980 he carried out his psychoanalytical formation in Paris under the supervision of Jacques Lacan himself. During this period he wrote several articles and he worked at the University of Padua as a visiting teaching professor in the Faculty of Magistero and Psychology. In 1995 he founded the association "Accademia Platonica delle Arti" in Padua. Editor of the books series "Arché". He is the author of many books and articles, published in Italian and international journals on Psychoanalysis and formation. In the last few years he focused his studies on Plato and the Greek Fathers of the Church (Dionysios Areopagite, Maximos the Confessor, the Cappadocians, Saint Gregory Palamas). He teaches Epistemology of Psychoanalysis in ICLES (Istituto per la Clinica dei Legami Sociali). He has written several books about the relation among psychoanalysis, epistemology and ethics.

Moreover, he has edited, in the series "Arché", a commented translation of Epistle of Paul to the Romans and he has written four books on his seminary “On One” (Sull’Uno). Lately he has accomplished the Italian translation of the complete works of Saint Gregory Palamas (editions Bompiani).

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