PUBLIC CONFERENCES  (click to download printer-friendly file)

Our aim also is to increase social awareness of Science-Religion issues, to raise, present and study issues of general concern, to help in developing a new attitude towards the Science-Religion relationship. We plan therefore to organise public conferences on a variety of issues. Emphasis will be given to the following thematic subjects: 

1. Recollections of the Future

The rapid developments in Science change radically the intellectual landscape, create new expectations and undermine old frameworks. It is important to evaluate critically the incoming challenges, and raise the issues of value and meaning related to the developments in

  • Cosmology – Unified Theories
  • Biology – Biotechnology
  • Information Technology – Artificial Intelligence

The aim of the public conferences on the above topics, is to present and analyze the forthcoming changes and link them to what constitutes the essential human condition. In that respect the future, rather than a threatening perspective, enters into dialogue and interaction with the past and the present.

2. Does Europe have a soul?

Europe is redefining itself, by attempting unification on the economic, political, social and cultural domain. European integration is without an historical precedent. For the first time in human history, a unification process advances, not under the dominance of a single power, but as an open invitation to reach a common identity and goals. Clearly a common vision about culture, values, principles, ways to proceed, will greatly enhance the unification process. Usually the European unification process is treated with technical terms. It is important to enlarge the discussion, reassess the European history in science, philosophy, and theology, and search for the new European identity.

The public conferences will aim in rediscovering the European phenomenon in its fullness: the dynamic interplay between analytic thought and the metaphysical inquiries, the Christian tradition and the secular drive, the integrity of the human person and the affront to the human values. 

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