Dr. Alexei Nesteruk

Professor at Department of Mathematics, University of Portsmouth, UK

1999 - 2001:    Part-time research student at the Institute of Orthodox Christian Studies, Cambridge. Certificate of Continuing Education, University of Cambridge.
1987 - 1990:    Part-time post-graduate school at the Department of Philosophy of Science at the St. Petersburg State University. Certificate in history of philosophy and philosophy of science, 1990.
1980 - 1983:    Ph.D.Research student. Department of Theoretical Physics, Institute of Precise Mechanics and Optics, St. Petersburg. Ph.D. in Theoretical and Mathematical Physics, (St. Petersburg State Technical University, 1983).
1974 - 1980:     Department of Physics, St. Petersburg State University. M. Sc. Diploma with Honors in physics.
1972 - 1974:     College with extensive teaching of mathematics and physics, St. Petersburg, Russia.

2001 - present:    Visiting Lecturer and Research Associate, Member of the Board, the Institute of Orthodox Christian Studies, Cambridge.
1994 - present:    Senior Research Lecturer, Department of Mathematics, University of Portsmouth.
1993 - 1994:    Part-Time Senior Research Fellow, College of Human and Social Sciences, St. Petersburg State Marine Technical University.
1993:     Royal Society Postdoctoral Fellow. Mathematical Institute, University of Oxford.
1991:    Research scientist, the Research Group in General Relativity, Free University of Brussels.
1990 - 1992:    Assistant professor, Department of Mathematics, University of Economics and Finance of St. Petersburg.
1983 - 1989:    Research Scientist. Department for Theoretical Physics at S. I. Vavilov State Optical Institute, St. Petersburg.

Teaching experience:
1994 - 2004:    Teaching of Mathematics, Mathematical Physics and Physics
1998 - 2004:    Teaching of "Philosophy of Science", and "Science and Theology" for physics and psychology students.
2002 - present:    Teaching of "Science and Theology" at the Institute of Orthodox Christian Studies, Cambridge.

Current research activities:
Two research projects: "Towards Neo-Patristic Synthesis of Science and Theology", and "Phenomenology of Cosmology."

I have 80 journal publications in mathematical physics, cosmology, philosophy of science, and science and theology and a monograph.

Awards and fellowships:
2004: The John Templeton Foundation Translation Grant.
2001: The John Templeton Foundation Sabbatical Grant.
1999: The Oxford Templeton Seminars Project Award.
1999: The CTNS/JTF Development Grant award.
1997: The John Templeton Foundation Science and Religion course award.
1993: Royal Society Fellowship

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