Dr. Wolfgang Achtner

Campus minister and Lecturer at the University of Giessen, Germany

Wolfgang Achtner studied theology in Mainz, Göttingen and Heidelberg and mathematics by correspondence at the FernUniversitaet Hagen. He spent about a year in FEST in Heidelberg (1986), a think tank of the Protestant Church in Germany His doctoral dissertation (University of Heidelberg, 1991) was about a reframed natural theology in the work of T.F. Torrance. Together with Stefan Kunz (theologian) and Thomas Walter (physicist, IT) he wrote an interdisciplinary book on time (WBG 1998, “Dimensions of Time” Eerdmanns/USA 2002) In 1999-2000 he spent a sabbatical at the Princeton Theological Seminary, exploring the history of the concept of “law of nature” and its role in the science theology dialogue. His recent second thesis (Habilitation at Johann Wolfgang Goethe University, 2006) explores the shifts in theology, philosophy, epistemology and anthropology in late medieval time that paved the way to the emergence of modern science. He published numerous articles about the science-theology dialogue and founded five working groups on science-religion in Germany. Since 2000 he is campus minister at the University of Giessen and instructor (Privatdozent, PD) at this University and at the Johann Wolfgang Goethe University Frankfurt on science-theology and lectures about ethics in economics at the University of Applied Sciences in Giessen-Friedberg.

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