Media Coverage

  • 'Makedonia' Greek Newspaper 22/2/2007
Article "Patristic Tradition meets Modern Science"  JPG  PDF

Thessaloniki Palamas Event Advertisement  JPG  PDF

  • ET3 Greek National TV Station
Thessaloniki Palamas Event TV Spot (February 20-24, 2007)

  • TV100 Local TV Station
1-hour Programme featuring excerpts of the Palamas Event in Thessaloniki.

Watch Google Video HERE (in Greek)

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  • ET3 Greek National TV Station
'Human Person in the 21st Century' TV Spot

  • ET3 Greek National TV Station
'TIMES: Time in Science, Anthropology, Theology and Art' TV Spot

  • 'Eleftheros Typos' Greek Newspaper 24/6/2007
Article "Europe does have a Soul!"  JPG

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